My Minecraft Journal

Under development (Use at your own risk!)
Until this is more stable there is a really good chance anything you save may disappear as I make changes. You might want to wait until this is more stable if that's going to irritate you. But, if you want to give it a shot, your feedback is appreciated!

Instructions / More Detail

I use this to keep track of places where I build a gate (in either the overworld or the nether).

I've been doing this manually for years now, but I've wanted to power it up for some time. This page is my first pass at trying to build a tool to help.

The tool can help keep a chronological order of when an interest was found, and help calculate where the connecting gates need to be placed on the other side of the gate in order for them to link up.

I get a further benefit by having the coordinates available for mapping which aa be used to start generating a sense of where points of interest lay in relation to each other, how far between various gates, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Use this at your own risk. Data could disappear. Bugs may be hiding out. There's lots of little things (or big things) that might be wrong, not work as intended, or perhaps even cause cancer if you live in California (okay, that's a joke, CA is beautiful and utopian)