Chicxulub Crater Mexico

We watched an interesting show on the history channel one evening. It sparked a number of searches for interesting places that are markers for various phases of the earths geological development. This is one of the sites that's always perked my curiosity, and then to have it tied in to a history of the planet's development put it in a more visual approximate context for me. I'm not sure that we completely understand it's relevance, or ultimately how significant a role it'll be found to have played, but while the pursuit of knowledge continues it's an example of the amazing and terrifying things that happen here on earth. And yet another counterpoint to remind us to look inward and appreciate every moment we have.

The Chicxulub Crater buried under the Yucatan Penisula in Mexico is what remains of an impact strike that's been commonly believed to be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and numerous species from the time dating before roughly 65 million years ago. The crater is named after the town it's centered near, Chicxulub. The diameter of the crater is more than 180 kilometers, which makes it one of the largest confirmed impact sites on the planet.

Satellite Image from Google Maps

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