Visit the World, Online: Take a Virtual Vacation via Hyperlink

A little back story... Being devoutly bent when it comes to romance I somehow convinced my wife to surf the web instead of trudging out into the cold one rainy date night. Instead of dinner and a movie I sold her on visiting the world's monuments. (Ugh, it sounds so bad when I say it out loud.)

Any who... We traversed the globe visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the Pyramids of Egypt. We found Moscow. Venice. We even visited Nepal and Mt. Everest over the next hour or so. I have to say, satellite maps are one of the cooler features that Google and Bing provide. (So much Thank Yous!) I don't remember sleeping on the couch, so its possible this suggestion wasn't met only with disdain. And, honestly, it was fun, well, ok, it was educational, and decidedly not windy and cold, and didn't involve shushing others--a win for a quiet person like me.

This has since become a game for us leading to highly discounted (free, aside from the internet connection) globetrotting like fancy rich folk; ooh la la. Here are a few of the places we've explored to get you started--but we're rubes (well, I am) I'm sure you can do better!

This world not enough for you? Want to try the Moon, Mars, or maybe the solitude of space irrespective of a focused gravitational source? In case it's not obvious, there is a stupid amount of amazing to be found on the inter-webs!

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Arches National Monument - Utah, USA

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